Apostle Dr Lord Elorm Donkor

Lord Elorm Donkor

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Before his appointment to this role he has been in Christian ministry in Ghana, South Africa, Scotland, and now in England where he doubles up as the District Pastor of the Birmingham District of The Church of Pentecost-UK. Lord’s passion for holistic Christian ministry got him involved in church planting and community development activities in Khayelitsha Township near Cape Town, South Africa. Whilst in Scotland serving as the District Pastor of The Church of Pentecost-UK, he led the church to establish the Cathcart Road Community Awareness Project (CARCAP) a Scottish government sponsored initiative on climate change in the Mount Florida community in Glasgow. His academic qualifications include a BA in Theology from the University of Stellenbosch/ Cornerstone Christian College in South Africa, an MA in Theology (Mission Studies) from The University of Manchester, an MPhil in Theology (Pentecostal/Charismatic Studies) from the University of Birmingham and a PhD from The University of Manchester. He is married to Joyce with three lovely children and enjoys teaching, research, walking and sight-seeing and gardening.