Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Unit 1

Introduction to Counselling Skill Theories

  • The significance of Counselling Theory
  • Competences to use core Counselling skills
  • Using Counselling skills to establish a helping relationship
  • Communicating empathic understanding
  • Using range of counselling skills to facilitate the helping interaction

Unit 2

Diversity and Ethics in using Counselling skills

  • Ethical framework of Counselling
  • Using Counselling skills safely in variety of context and roles
  • Establishing and sustaining boundaries
  • Establish the nature and limits of confidentiality

Unit 3

Counselling skills and personal development

  • Self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Working within personal limits of ability
  • Explore and challenge personal issues, fears and prejudices
  • Difference between character and personality and how this drives behaviour

Unit 4

Seven helping and Counselling processes

  • Client factors
  • Counsellor factors
  • Relational factors
  • Treatment factors
  • Professional factors