Counselling Course (CPCAB)
Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body

CSK-L2 – Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills  

Course Description

This training is designed to give learners the underpinning knowledge, skills and competence to use counselling skills ethically and safely in a variety of contexts and roles. 

The qualification is for: 

  • Those starting the first level of training as a professional counsellor 
  • Those who want to learn counselling skills in other professional or helping roles 
  • Those who want to improve their professional and personal relationships as part of personal development 

Course Duration: 6hrs x 15 weeks
Guided Learning hours (GLH): 90hrs (minimum)
Total qualification Time: 170hrs

Teaching Schedule: 15 weeks. 3hrs midweek (Wednesday evening) and 3 hours contact time Saturday morning. In addition to the scheduled teaching times, students will be asked to do some reading and reflection as part of their learning hours. 

Credit value: 17
Minimum Age: 18 

Entry Requirements: None. No previous training or experience required.

Assessment Method

Internal Assessment

  • Documents – 1written assignment, 1 self review  and a learning review ( a learning journal).
  • Tutor observation – 2 tutor-observed counselling skills practice sessions ( 1via audio/ video recording)
  • Testimony – Peer feedback

External Assessment

Candidates watch a 15 minute CPCAB DVD of a “helping” session and complete a 1 hour candidate feedback paper in relation to the DVD. This  is sent to CPCAB for assessment.

Please note:
The qualification is not suitable for those who are currently in a state of severe emotional difficulty and/or severe psychological confusion, for example those:

  • Currently experiencing – without ongoing and appropriate professional support – a recent, major life crisis such as marital breakdown or a close bereavement.
  • Currently experiencing moderate to severe mental health problems including, for example, clinical depression, severe anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders or any form of psychosis.
  • Currently involved in substance misuse.

Please also be aware that the course involves experiential elements that will involve some personal disclosure and associated personal development activities.


  • Help students to identify core counselling skills
  • Acquire knowledge about diversity and ethics and the competence to use them safely in a variety of counselling context
  • Have knowledge of common mental health and other psychological problems
  • Reflection on personal development and identify potential need for support.
  • Understand and have the competence to use the seven helping and Counselling processes
  • Learn the difference between character and personality and how this drives behaviour

Learning Outcomes

  • Use counselling skills ethically and safely
  • Establish and sustain the boundaries of the helping role
  • Work empathically as a helper
  • Focus on the helpee’s needs and concerns
  • Use self- awareness in helping work
  • Use a range of counselling skills to facilitate the helping interaction
  • Use feedback and reflection to enhance counselling skills.

Learner will be able to

  • Use counselling skills within an ethical framework
  • Work within personal limit
  • Enable the helpee to find additional sources of support where appropriate
  • Establish boundaries as a helper in a particular setting and within the limits of time available
  • Establish the nature and limits of confidentiality for helping work
  • Maintain the boundaries of the helping role throughout the session
  • Identify and explore differences between self and others
  • Identify own feeling in order to set them aside and focus on the helpee
  • Work with the helpee to meet their objectives
  • Describe how reflecting on own pattern of relating increase self awareness
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of range of listening and responding skills to facilitate the helping interaction
  • Demonstrate appropriate us of questions
  • Use feedback skills to provide constructive feedback to other learners

Course Content

For information about the modules included in this course please click here.

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CSK-L3 – Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Course Description

Level 3 Qualification is designed for candidates who have undertaken counselling skills training, e.g. our Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills or equivalent. 

Guided Learning hours (GLH): 90hrs (minimum) 
Total Qualification Time: 196hrs
Number of teaching weeks: 20 

Credit value: 20 
Minimum Age: 19

Course Fees

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How to Apply

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