Short and Part-time Courses

Bible, Theology, Ministry and Mission

Modules are offered at BCC in daytime slots of 3 hours. Delivery will normally be by two sessions separated by a coffee or lunch break and will involve lectures, discussions and practical exercises, depending on the subject. For a full listing of the available modules, click here. For queries about availability and timetabling, please email the Registrar here.

Evening/Weekend Classes

Depending on demand, some of the modules from the day-time schedule can be made available at BCC as Evening or Weekend Classes. For details of courses beginning in January 2019 please click here. For other enquiries about evening/weekend courses please contact the Registrar here.

Admissions Policy

There are no formal academic admission requirements for short and part-time courses but applicants may be asked to give a brief account of previous relevant experience on the application form.

To download an application form click here.